Marukan Chooses TMC as Mechanical Subcontractor for New Griffin Plant

Marukan Chooses TMC as Mechanical Subcontractor for New Griffin Plant

In the year 1649, Yasutsugu Hanzaemon Okada started producing refined vinegar in his native Kiyosu, Japan.  His product was so delicious that he was eventually assigned as the exclusive provider of vinegar to the Emperor’s household.  In 1961 the company changed its name to MARUKAN and in 1974 established an office in California.  In addition to vinegar, Marukan makes sake, ponzu sauces, and dressings.  All of their U.S. products are made with organic rice from Lundberg Family Farms in Richvale, California.

Marukan doesn’t rush anything. They use slow, natural brew methods and take great care in the entire fermentation process.  Everything that goes into making Marukan vinegar and sakes, from the organic rice, to the imported acetic acid bacteria is meticulously handled.

Likewise, the decision to open a new production plant in Georgia was also taken with great detail.  Kajima Building & Design (KBD USA) subcontracted TMC to perform all plumbing and mechanical work for Marukan’s new plant in Griffin.

TMC’s BIM (Building Information Modeling) division is busy at work creating the 3-D plans for the mechanical elements of the plant.    Our mechanical expertise will be used in almost every phase of the sake and vinegar production.   All great sakes start with the inner most core of the grain of rice.  The smaller the amount of rice hull used, the finer the grade of sake. To begin, rice will be polished, soaked, and steamed at the facility.  TMC is in charge of installing boilers, compressed air tanks, industrial waste water removal piping, as well as industrial hot and chilled water piping.  We will also put in make-up air and exhaust ductwork to keep temperature and air flow at a comfortable level.  During the fermentation process, the sake and vinegar will be transferred to several different tanks via process piping and complete hydronic systems, all installed by TMC.  After a month of fermentation, the sake and vinegar are pressed, filtered, pasteurized, and bottled at the location as well.  Like Marukan, TMC takes pride in its expertise and craftsmanship.  We look forward to contributing to the tradition of excellence that Marukan has enjoyed over the last 400 years.  ジョージアへようこそ Welcome to Georgia.

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