TMC’s leadership is made up of many gifted individuals that bring different talents and viewpoints to the table. Some have numerous years of experience while others contribute the latest advancements in mechanical technology and management. Nevertheless all are dedicated to the same principles, excellence, and energy with which TMC was built over 30 years ago.

Kurt Thomas

Vice President of Operations | Joined TMC in 1984

Kurt started with TMC as a laborer in the field.  Through his hard work and commitment to his peers, he worked himself through the ranks.  He is well-versed in all aspects of TMC’s products, carrying licensing as a Master Plumber, Utility Manager and Medical Gas installer.  Additionally, as a holder of both non-restricted plumbing and conditioned air licenses, Kurt understands building code requirements and respects the requirement for compliance in all regulated environments. His attributes include the ability to coordinate with and between other trades, attention to detail, personality and communication skills required to interact in a clear and concise manner with the design team and owner alike. Kurt oversees TMC’s commercial projects to ensure our products are delivered properly and to the satisfaction of the customer.  His focus on team management ensures TMC’s standards of quality can be seen throughout all of our projects.

Howell Barden

Senior Project Manager | Joined TMC in 1995

Howell Barden Junior, more commonly known as “the Professor,” is TMC’s go-to for our most challenging projects. With over 50 years of impressive experience – 30 of which were spent as the owner of General Mechanical –Howell is one of the most knowledgeable men in the industry. He completes each project with the most innovative means and methods available. He also adheres to stringent best practices, making the construction process fluid for all involved. Howell carries licenses and registrations in eight states, from California back home to Georgia. His credentials include: Master Plumber, HVAC Contractor (Non-Restricted), Boilers, Steam Fitters, Process Piping, Mechanical Contractor, Plumbing Contractor and General Contractor.

Jonathan Barden

Vice President of Business Services | Joined TMC in 2006

Jonathan has been part of the TMC team since his youth. Unfortunately, child labor laws do not allow us to disclose the age in which he actually began, but he worked during summer breaks and through an afterschool program while in his senior year of high school.  He made it to the field during his college years at UNC, allowing him to gain valuable industry experience during that period. He began his official TMC career in March of 2006 when he became a part the service department. Upon receiving his state license in 2008, he officially extended the Barden name into a fourth-generation of metro-Atlanta plumbers. Jonathan honored that family-rich plumbing tradition by naming his first born after the first plumber in the family: his great-grandfather, MacNeace. He and his wife, along with their three children, live in Alpharetta.