Georgia Tech Gas Combustion Lab

The Aerospace Engineering Combustion and Fluid Mechanics Laboratory is a state of the art research facility using the latest diagnostic tools for the study of combustion and fluid mechanical phenomena. The Laboratory is a 13,000 square foot facility located on the research campus of the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Tebarco installed the lab’s extensive exhaust system capable of handling exhaust products from experiments up to 25 MBtu/hour. The facility is equipped with a 3000 psig air compressor with 105,000 scf storage capacity, a 125 psig air compressor with over 10,000 scf storage capacity, and a process air heater capable of heating 720 psig of air to 995 deg F at a maximum mass flowrate of 300 lbm/minute. The facility is also equipped with 20 gpm fresh water, and a recirculated process cooling water system. Each of the experiment stations is supplied with 720 psig heated and non-heated air, 125 psig compressed air, 25 psig natural gas, fresh water, process chilled water, and laser cooling water.