DNP Imagingcom America Phase 2 & 3

TMC has almost completed phase 2 of DNP Imagingcom America’s expansion and is about to begin Phase 3.   DNP, located in Concord, North Carolina, specializes in printing for the photo industry.  They use a unique process called dye-sublimation that diffuses dye onto paper.  This dye comes in the form of a ribbon, which is converted to a diffused gas when heat is applied.  It is then absorbed by a special receiving layer on the paper and is able to create up to 16.77 million colors.

Tebarco installed  the chemical piping and stainless steel tanks for the inks.  With all of the heat generated to create gas, compressed air steam lines were needed to cool down the equipment.  The Phase 3 expansion for a new white printing paper facility will be three times the size of the last two phases.

Kudos to Superintendent Gary Howard and his hardworking team (Mitchell Grindstaff, Steven Cannady and John Smith.)